The services are divided into the general performance profile and the detailed description of the actual project work, divided into the individual LPH (service phases) according to HOAI 2013 (current fee schedule for architects and engineers).


Performance Profile

  • Building Permit
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Change of Use
  • Construction Load
  • Urban Development Plan
  • Building Application with Preliminary Decision
  • Convert "old Plans / Documents" into CAD
  • Project Documentation
  • Project Work * HOAI 2013

             Project Work*

      • LPH 1 Basic Assessment

      • LPH 2 Pre-planning

      • LPH 3 Design-planning

      • LPH 4 Approval-planning

      • LPH 5 Execution-planning

      • LPH 6 Preparation of the Award

      • LPH 7 Participation in the Award

      • LPH 8 Property Monitoring

      • LPH 9 Property Management

Planning Concept

Planning and realizing your construction project together with you.
Inexpensive and sustainable construction taking into account the current political, social, economic and ecological changes.


Steel construction, reinforced concrete, drywall
In order to maintain the basis of life on earth, the complex relationships of the global system must first be grasped and understood in order to be able to act accordingly.
Sustainability means using a system in such a way that it can regenerate itself and its essential properties are retained.
The passive house standard is one of the most closely checked building standards today. It is defined by a heating requirement of ≤ 15 kWh / (m²a). This value is achieved through particularly efficient ventilation technology, minimizing heat losses and optimizing heat gains.


The entire range of services is adapted to the relevant national laws and carried out just as carefully on site.

  • Translate all documents
  • Takeover of all administrative procedures
    • Building authority
    • Chamber of Architects (CAU / BR)
    • City administration
    • Justice
  • Conduct negotiations with Suppliers
    • Specialist planners (all trades)
    • Construction company
    • public and private builders
  • Advice and support in finding a property

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