Whether it is a loft conversion or a new multi-family house, whether your own family home or the conversion of an old residential building, it is always a question of living space that is newly created, revived or redesigned.

With mature building technology and the use of new technologies from the energy industry, we will implement your ideas and wishes for your building project in a sustainable and efficient manner.




In the years 2012 to 2018, the requirements for planning care facilities for the benefit of the residents developed rapidly. 2012 still in the third generation of the nationwide care concept, we are now in the fifth generation across Europe.


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Nowhere else is the need for rethinking clearer than in countries that are severely affected by climate change. Of course, there are completely different climatic conditions as in our latitudes.

For a good ten years now, sustainable construction has also become increasingly important in Brazil. An ecologically oriented architecture helps to meet this requirement.


09/19 - today Bochum
a) Reconstruction of an old single family house, barrier-free
b) New two-family house

05/18 - 07/19 GL
Conversion EFH to ZFH, suitable for blind people

05/18 - 04/19 Moselle
Modernization of stone house

06/18 - 10/18 Mülheim
Extension of the attic

08/17 - 10/18 Ceasa
New construction project

12/16 - today Minas
Draft interior design, design

03/15 - 09/15 Nautacta, Seagar
Diving buoy design

04/14 - today Seagar
Draft project development Cityliner, Nautacta, Medtacta

06/14 - 09/14 Junkersdorf
Extension of the attic

05/13 - 04/17 Schieder
New nursing home 45 EZ

04/13 - 09/13 Werdohl
New nursing home 82 EZ

02/13 - 04/13 Wassenberg
a) New construction of assisted living
b) New nursing home

01/13 - 08/13 Bornheim
Reconstruction of family house, dental practice

01/13 - 12/13 Gelsenkirchen
Newly built assisted living, 25 apartments

12/12 - 01/13 Stemwede-Levern
New nursing home, 64 single rooms

03/12 - 07/12 Heidenheim
New nursing home 86 EZ

02/11 - 08/11 Neunkirchen-Seelscheid
Conversion of a half-timbered house

08/10 - 09/10 Cavalcante
Bamboo building course

02/06 - 04/08 SdS Uberlandia
ASBC installation

1994 - 1997 Turkey
New hotel, 25 rooms


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