The use of renewable energies is omnipresent today and thanks to the research and development of new technologies can be found in almost all areas of life, including in the field of building and construction and their architecture.

Design commissioned by SEAGAR AG in 2015. The diving buoy is currently in use in the red marked area "SEAGARLAND" and is not tied to a specific position.


A kind of diving buoy that is powered solely by photovoltaic solar energy with appropriate storage modules. The total output of the 224 solar panels comes to a total of 145 KWp.

Vacuum tube collectors with boiler, China

Solar thermal from Brazil
In 2003, the NGO "Sociedade do Sol" developed an easy-to-build and affordable solar heating system for every household. In 2007, this solar system was also adopted as “standard” in social housing in other federal states in Brazil.


Developed in Germany, the vacuum tube is today inexpensively produced in China and sold worldwide. Including a 100 liter stainless steel tank, a complete system can be bought for just 150 euros. The only cheaper way is with the ASBC, which translates the low-price solar theater from the ONG (NGO) Sociedade do Sol from Sao Paulo. Instructions for manufacturing that are easy to understand for everyone can be found here.

Bricks unfired

The unplastered building impresses with its rustic architecture. Of course, the building can be plastered in whole or in part.

Images of completed construction projects in Brazil

Hydraulic press for the production of unfired bricks

The freshly pressed mud bricks with approx. 5% cement are watered and dried in the sun. This process is repeated 3-4 times. After 4-6 weeks, the new bricks are hardened and ready for installation.

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