The task is to create an architecture with ecologically sustainable and healthy constructions, which is characterized by the use of biocompatible materials and technologies that improve the living conditions of the residents and do not harm the environment neither during procurement, manufacture nor during use .

The entire construction project is built exactly on the dimensions of the prefabricated, non-fired brick, which is subject to the shape, size and constellation of the individual residential units. The brick has the dimensions 30x15x7.5 cm.

Proportionally transferred to the dimensions of a module (residential unit) results in a uniform size of 12x6x3 m = 72 m².

The individual modules are put together to form an apartment block with six apartments. The building is erected in a very short time and ready to move into.

Entire residential park, bird's eye view

Eight blocks of flats, each with six residential units, can be built on the plot area of 174m x 66.80m = 11623.2m². Our residential park "MORADIA VERDE" is created with professionally prepared planning for the outdoor area according to ecological specifications.

The architectural aim is to optimize the life assumed for a healthy human life with the integrity of the environment in its maximum possibilities in a series of single-family houses that form a community and live in a bilateral relationship with nature.

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