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Project Management Germany, Finances, Legal

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After leaving school with a subject-related Abitur in the mid-1970s, numerous trips abroad followed. Climate change has already been clearly felt here in Germany and Europe in these years. Influenced by that time - Mc Donald's, Coca Cola and Levi's were frowned upon, the most possible organic nutrition gained importance - for me the ecological way of life is still the focus of my work.


So we founded the first organic bakery in Cologne in the late 1970s and the second in the 1980s. We set up the second bakery completely independently in an old, renovated factory hall, of course taking into account the environmental protection rules known up to that point.


This gave me more and more insight into the world of architecture. At the beginning of the nineties I ventured my first draft and gave a Turkish architect the template for the construction of a hotel in Anamur, Turkey.

The breakthrough came in the early 2000s in Brazil, where I studied architecture, urban planning and landscaping for five years.

As the holder of an unlimited residence permit in Brazil (since 2002), I have one of the basic requirements that enable professional implementation of any type of construction project in Brazil.

Frank Dahmen

Due to my long-term stay in Brazil (2000-2010) I am able to speak the Portuguese language. Due to the five years of architecture studies in Minas Gerais, I am well aware of the Brazilian ABNT (Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas), comparable to the DIN standards we are familiar with, as well as how to deal with the Brazilian authorities.

As a member of the Brazilian Chamber of Architects CAU / BR (A 64788-8) I have the building permit. As a result, I am authorized to handle the entire official process, from planning and building permit to construction approval.
Since 2010 I have also worked as an architect in Germany (AKNW A-104104). In collaboration with my Dutch colleague and partner Rob Baan, we have specialized in the planning and project development of care facilities.
At the same time, I am currently integrated as a planner in two commercial construction projects in Brazil.

"The mind is like a parachute, it can only work if it is open."
Walter Gropius (1883 - 1969)

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